Quotes from the Masters
On Marketing

"Do your own market research; ask your last ten customers exactly why they bought from you." -- Brian Tracy  

"Your marketing efforts have to be ongoing, consistent and relentless. Hi Tech, Low Tech, No Tech and sometimes totally shameless." -– Patricia Fripp  

"Ninety percent of the success of any product or service is its promotion and marketing." -– Mark Victor Hansen

"There are two types of people to market to, those who know and love you, and those who never heard of you." -– Patricia Fripp  

"Exposure plus 95 cents might buy you a decent cup of coffee.  The key is to 'position' yourself in your market as the expert, the resource, the only person your prospect would ever even THINK of doing business with, or referring to others." -- Bob Burg  

"Achieve mega-credibility by backing your products and services with guarantees and assurances." -- Brian Tracy

"Your competitive advantage must be perceivable, promotable, and something the market will pay for."-– Brian Tracy

Provided courtesy of  Jim Rohn International