Messages from the Masters
Hope by Zig Ziglar

At just four feet eleven and one-half inches tall, no one expected Keith Braswell to make the Dayton University basketball team. But he did! He became the shortest player in the school's history by two and a half inches. That he did it as a walk-on is little short of unbelievable!

Part of Keith's success is summed up by a competitive coach, Mike Calhoun from Eastern Kentucky, who says that "Keith has a big heart...and his passion and enthusiasm excite the crowd."

Keith Braswell gives both men and women of short stature--and for that matter, people who have perceived or real disadvantages or disabilities--the all-important ingredient called "hope."

All of this is to say that it's relatively easy to put people on a pair of scales and tell exactly how much they weigh. You can stand them up and measure their exact height.  But it is impossible to measure the human qualities that coaches constantly refer to as "heart." When we recognize, use, and develop what is inside us to the fullest capacity, it's amazing what we can do with our lives. 

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