Messages from the Masters
Preparation Before Presentation by Paul J. Meyer

When I was just a kid, I learned about the Five P's for Success:

I have used this principle every day of my life ever since my German father taught it to me in precise detail:

When we would get ready to work on a car, he always asked:

What tools will you need? 
What is your objective? 
What do you plan to take apart?
Where are you going to lay out the parts?

When he taught me how to take a bike apart and put it back together, he would show me how to plan my work and to work my plan.

If we were preparing to do some painting, he would ask:

What tools will you need? 
What paintbrushes? Rags? 
Ladder? Sandpaper? Putty? 
Old Clothes?

PLAN your WORK and WORK your PLAN.

Using this success principle was a natural carryover when I began selling.

I have seen and heard about many disastrous presentations from well-educated people. They had an excellent product and a good prospect. But they began their presentation half-prepared, with half the materials arranged in the wrong sequence... fumbling...groping...looking and sounding unprofessional.

I always study the backgrounds of my prospects and their industry. More specifically, I learn about the prospects themselves. If they are referred leads, I learn everything possible about them, their family, their hobbies, their interests, their work, their goals in life, how they think, etc.

I always double-check my materials and handouts needed for my presentation. I carry with me everything required to make my very best presentation.

I have learned that my own attitude in the presentation is equally as important as my professional preparation. I ask myself:

* How am I entering into this presentation -- as a giver or a taker?
* Am I going into this presentation to dominate or to serve?
* Am I going into it to tell and sell or to listen and see a need and show how my product - my service - can fill that need?

I also check my "E's and S's": 

My  Excitement 
"   Emotion, 
"   Enthusiasm, 
"   Self-image, 
"   Self-esteem, 
"   Self-Confidence.

Then I believe with all my heart and soul the person I call on has been waiting to see me, meet me, and do business with me all of his or her life.

* I have earned the right to see this person. 
* I am professionally and mentally prepared.
* I have the appointment. 
* I will make the sale! 
* I win!
* My prospect wins!
* We both have another great day!

Life is Good!

And people will call me lucky! I simply respond by telling them that luck is where opportunity and preparation meet! 

Oops! Oops!  I don't want to get so excited that I forget to obtain some referral leads from my new client.

After all, I have just lost my very best prospect...

That person is now a customer and client and has become my best source to get another one just like him! 

And because I am an optimist, this new referral may be an even better prospect!

They ask: "Is professional selling easy?"


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