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Finding the "Yes Man" by Bob Burg

What does the term, "Yes-Man" (or, "Yes-Woman") mean to you? Possibly, the person who is so insecure that he says "yes" to any person, thing or idea in order to be liked and accepted. Well, when it comes to WINNING WITHOUT INTIMIDATION, that kind of Yes-Person is not the kind we mean. Instead, we are talking about the man or woman who can and will step up, work with you and solve the problem/challenge you are having.

For example, you are having difficulty getting the person at the service desk (of course, you could substitute practically anything here, whether in person or on the telephone) to change a "really bad" policy. "Really bad" meaning something that doesn't give you what you want or need :-). Despite utilizing your very best WWI methods, you find you're just not getting anywhere. That's okay; it happens sometimes. It's not necessarily that you are doing anything wrong; it may just be that you are dealing with a "problem person" instead of a "solution person." A "no-person" instead of a "yes-person."

The next step is to speak with their supervisor. If you have to go through this person, simply ask with the utmost courtesy, kindness and respect. "I apologize for putting you through all this hassle (I know, you have nothing to apologize about - *they* do. That's okay; go with it). "There are rules I know you have to follow. It might be better if I dealt directly with your supervisor. What is his or her name? Great, thank you, may I speak with Ms. Johnson please?" Or, perhaps you found Ms. Johnson's name on your own. Regardless, now it's time to find out if she is the "Yes-Person."

"Hi Ms. Johnson, I'm Pat Davis. Thank you for taking time to speak with me. I know you're very busy." These words will, nine times out of ten, elicit this supervisor to go to whatever ends necessary in order to see that you are satisfied. Mainly because you presented yourself as being different from most others, who only ask (or demand!) to speak with a supervisor in order to complain.

Now, if Ms. Johnson can find a solution and say yes, great! If not, continue up the ladder. Along the way, continue to be polite, patient and persistent. Naturally, you need to decide just how important it is to get this particular "thing" that you want. It may not be worth your effort. If it is important, though, by all means continue. Eventually, you will more than likely (in fact, let me say, practically always!) find the person who not only wants to see you satisfied, but has a natural tendency to be a problem-solver. That is the solution person, the "Yes-Man" (or Woman) :-)

I'm glad to have you with us. Have an awesome WINNING WITHOUT INTIMIDATION week! 

Bob Burg

Bob Burg is author of "Winning Without Intimidation" and "Endless Referrals." To receive 20% off on Bob's products visit or call 877-929-0439.

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