Messages from the Masters
The Secret to All Business by Doug Firebaugh

The Secret to All Transactions....

The Secret to Success in Life.....


If not the most Powerful word in Business, in the top


Everything revolves around Value.

Buying Decisions.

Selling Decisions.

Hiring Decisions.

Firing Decisions.

Promoting Decisions.

Demoting Decisions.

Success Decisions.

Failure Decisions.

Just about all decisions are influenced by some form of Value. Including decisions about YOU in the workplace and any other place.

Here is a question that if you GET IT, could change your life radically,

and put you on a one way course to massive success...

It would put you on the Corporate Radar Screen or
Success Radar Screen for good....

And would change you on the inside so much, you would look at life differently, approach life differently, and Live life differently. And would revolutionize everything and everyone around you....

Would that interest you?

Thought so....

So what might that question be?

A question you should ask yourself everyday....for The Building of a Life of Extreme Value...

"What would happen... if I doubled what Value I bring to my Company, Industry, and everyone around me... every year?"

That's a DUH.

I just gave you the secret to getting anything in Life you want....

Did you get It?


Doug Firebaugh

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