Messages from the Masters
The Power of Personal Development by Jerry Clark

You have immediate access to the most powerful tool in existence. A tool that can create anything you want. A tool that is only limited by your limited use of it. This tool is priceless, not even a billion dollars can purchase you one. However, each of us has one because it came standard equipped. Oh, there's one catch: It didn't come with an owner's manual; thus, we have to figure out how to use it all on our own. Even if you never figure out how to use it, it is always working. That's right 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of every year. It can work for you or it can work against you, whichever you choose. Unfortunately, most people never figure out how to use it; thus, it usually works against them by default. In fact, at least 97% of our population never seems to come close to figuring out how to use this powerful tool to their advantage, and as a result they usually lead lives of quiet desperation as Henry David Thoreau would say. They always settle for less, and that's exactly what they get. They go to their graves with all their Repressed Talent still inside of them never discovering the magic within them.

They spent their entire lives suffering and being miserable when all the while they had in their possession a tool that could have granted them anything they desired. What is this tool?

This tool is your Mind. That's right your mind is the most incredible and powerful tool in the Universe, and yet most people know little or nothing at all about it. It is time for you to learn how this tool works and use it to your advantage. Once you become proficient in the operation of this tool, you will be on your way to building a solid business and generate an unlimited stream of income that can last several lifetimes.

The first thing you should realize is that there are no coincidences, there's just cause and effect. As you build your Network Marketing business, you will see some people get started in the business and move to the top quickly, while others who appear to be working just as diligently take five times longer to make it to the top. It may appear that some people are luckier than others. Well, yes and no. It all depends on what you definition of luck is. Most people look at luck as some mysterious force that causes some to get positive results while others are doomed to a lifetime of misery and frustration. In this case, no, some are not luckier than others. However, if you look at luck as a natural phenomenon that occurs when a certain set of conditions are meet, then yes some are luckier than others. But remember, they are not lucky because some strange force decided to favor them and make them lucky; instead they are lucky because for every Cause, there is a correlating Effect. For every Action, there is a correlating Reaction. Plain and simple, this is how nature works. Let's go over this concept in more detail by explaining a concept called Creation Model.

The Creation Model:

Everyone seems to want to know the "secret" to success. Let's just say for now that success means to be able to do what you want, when you want, where you want, without having to be concerned about the price and without hurting others along the way. Being that we are in a "Microwave" society, everyone wants "success" now. The problem, however, is that most people are looking for success on the outside when - as you and I know - success starts on the inside. Most people want to change their conditions but they don't want to change themselves. They want to change their circumstances but they don't want to change what got them in those circumstances. 

It is of critical importance that we understand that we must change the Cause of our conditions and circumstances in order for them to change. At least, in order for them to change on a long-term basis. And the Cause of all of our circumstances is our thoughts. Once we change our thoughts, we will automatically change our circumstances. The only way to change our thoughts is by reprogramming ourselves. That's right, you have been programmed to think the way you think and that programming has gotten you what you now have. Is that good news? If not, then you can now feel excited because you have the power to change it. Day by Day, Drip by Drip, Inch by Inch, you can start flooding your mind with empowering messages that can start you on the life-long process of positive transformation. We will give you an analogy so you will get a better idea of how this works, but for now let's take a general look at what is called the Creation Model...

The Creation Model is simply a more detailed look at how Thoughts become Things or how Causes become Effects. Every effect or result you get in life has a cause. In other words there are no coincidences, there are only cause and effect. Let's take a look at the relationship between cause & effect. 

Thoughts: Your thoughts are the causes of all your effects. Therefore you can trace all of your results you've gotten in life to a particular thought or set of thoughts you have entertained in your mind for a period of time. When you are born, your brain is similar to that of a blank tape with the record button constantly on. So everything you hear or experience after birth - and many say while still in your mother's womb - is recorded in your brain. We call this recording of information programming. The programming you receive come from many sources: Your parents, parent's friends, the media, church, school, relatives, teachers, and anyone or anything that comes in contact with you. You are constantly being programmed until you learn how to program yourself and even then others are programming you if you allow them to do so. The thing to understand is that most of the programming we receive while growing up is self-limiting and self-defeating. Most of it doesn't even make plain everyday common sense. Some of programming or thoughts that we receive from others become beliefs.

Beliefs: A belief is nothing more than a batch of similar thoughts. The more of any particular thoughts you have, the stronger the belief will be. A strong belief increases your conviction level regarding the issue pertaining to the belief. The pictorial representational form of a belief is called your self-image. Your attitudes are formed from your beliefs.

Attitudes: An attitude is simply a way of leaning towards a particular person, place, thing, issue, idea or concept. If you are leaning towards a particular issue, you are said to have a positive attitude towards that issue. If you are leaning away from an issue you are said to have a negative attitude towards that issue. From our attitudes we develop certain feelings.

Feelings: Our feelings are a physiological or an emotional response our body has when any person, place, thing, issue, idea or concept is presented to us. Of course this feeling will be a result of the attitude we have toward whatever we have been presented with. These feelings that we develop will help determine the actions we take.

Actions: Our actions are what we physically do at any given time in any given situation. These actions will mainly be determined by how we feel about what it is we are presented with. The actions we take will determine our results.

Results: We can call the results we get the effect. When we get a result due from a given set of actions we take. It is either the result we want or the result we don't want. If it is the result we want, great, we usually keep doing what we were doing to get that result. If it is a result we don't want most people figure they need to change their actions - which is true. However, this will only result in a short-term change because in order to make change lasting and long term we need to change the cause and now you know that the cause is the thought. 

Changing your thought will cause a chain reaction that will enable you to more naturally take the necessary actions to get the results you want out of life. This is so important, yet most people do not understand it. Now hopefully you see why it is necessary for you to reprogram yourself. This is the only way for you to create lasting change with less tension, anxiety, and frustration. 

This is not intended to be a full blown detailed course in psychology, but this information is so important to your success in your Network Marketing business that we want to give you an analogy to help drive it home.

When you were born imagine your brain being as pure as a clear glass of spring water. Now imagine every time you heard or saw something negative it was equivalent to someone putting a drop of Red Dye in the glass of spring water. Think about that for a moment. Every time you are told "No" or "You can't do that" a Red Drop is going into your glass. Every time you turn on the TV and see an act of violence or crime you are receiving Red Drops. Every time you read the newspaper and find out about the latest catastrophes you are receiving Red Drops. Every time you associate with people who blames and complains you are receiving Red Drops. Most people have received so many Red Drops over the years that they have developed self-defeating and self-limiting beliefs and attitudes without even realizing it. The secret is in reversing the process. Unfortunately you can't just dump out the glass with all of the Red Dye. Instead you have to dilute it with clear drops of fresh spring water. The key word is drops. In other words you can't just pour a whole gallon of spring water in at one time - you have to place one drop of spring water at a time in an effort to dilute the Red Dye. Understand that your glass will never be as pure and clean as it was when you were first born. The good news, however, is that you can dilute the Red Dye enough to accomplish all the dreams you have and more. The key to this is for you to consciously - from here on - minimize the amount of Red Dye that goes in your glass and maximize the amount of clear drops that goes in. Books, tapes, events that are positive, inspiring and empowering gives you a constant source of clear drops. You need to deliberately take full advantage of these resources you have at your disposal. We hope you are starting to realize the awesome power of personal development. People desperately need it and most don't even realize it. Diluting the Red Dye in your glass is the "Secret" that we're all looking. It's the key to transforming the results you get in life because you will be altering the Cause.

Until Next time...

Go, Go, Go!!!    

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