Messages from the Masters
Recruiting - The Key to Multiplying Your Business by Paul J. Meyer

It is obviously imperative that in building your business you must have:

* A desire to build the business,
* The confidence that you can build the business, 
* The knowledge necessary to build the business, 
* And, of course, a passion for the business.

Two major ingredients that I have used all my life in building marketing organizations are visualization and affirmations.

An affirmation is simply a positive declaration of something you believe to be true or something you expect to become true and desire to live by. Affirmations transform your thinking, your attitudes, and finally, your behavior.  Their impact on attitudes and behavior help to produce the results you desire.

The most effective affirmations are those you compose yourself.  They are based on your goals and describe the person you want to be, the things you want to do, and what you want to possess. When you repeat such affirmations, you build the needed internal confidence and determination to overcome obstacles, accomplish goals, and improve productivity.

To be successful in recruiting...

* You must realize and believe that recruiting is important! 
* You must visualize yourself as a recruiter, and 
* You must have some affirmations to speak to your sub-conscious mind until you have developed the thoughts and habits of a recruiter.

For Example:

o When I am watching a parade, I always think about recruiting each person as he or she marches by.
o When I am at a big event such as the Super Bowl, I have an incredible desire to get a hold of the microphone for just one minute. "If I were allowed just one minute with the microphone, out of the 80,000+ in the audience, I am sure that there would be at least 5,000 who would want to talk to me about my business. I could just give them my e-mail address and recruit them on the new internet system!"

Listed below are some examples of affirmations.

»» I am the Number One Recruiter in ___________! (Fill in the blank with your network marketing company)
»» I recruit "ten" people a month (include whatever number here is your goal). 
»» I am a recruiting magnet.
»» Recruiting is the core of my business. 
»» Today I will phone a referred recruit.  He/she will be waiting for my call, and they will join my team! 
»» Recruiting is the lifeblood of my business. 
»» I spend three-fourths of my time recruiting and training new associates. 
»» I am building a huge team every minute of every day!
»» I do some recruiting every day - because it's the key to success in this business! 
»» I recruit the top people in all of __________. (Fill in your network marketing company's name here).
»» I love talking to people about my business.                 
»» I love teaching others how to build their downline! 
»» Recruiting, Recruiting, Recruiting, Recruiting...

Everybody should write his or her own affirmations.

Write them on 3x5 cards,
Print them in large, bold, print on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. 
Tape them in various places around your office. 
Put them in your personal planner. 
Read them every day. They will stimulate you into action.

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