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Ask with Attitude by Omar Periu

Have you ever noticed how two salespeople can ask the same question, and one will sound much more personal and caring than the other?  Whatever professional salespeople add to the question, they have learned to ask with a respectful, positive attitude.

For example, instead of asking "What computer do you have now?," the salesperson who asks with an attitude of concern will say, "I'm curious Mr. Jones, what do you like about the computer you are currently using?"  It's a simple difference, and it's that difference that shows you're asking with attitude - a positive attitude that leads to positive results.

Here are six things to remember while asking with an attitude:

Ask caring questions.  People want to buy from those who care.

Strive to make your customers say "Me too" instead of "So what."  

Begin your conversations with questions so you know exactly which benefits and features are most important to your prospective buyers. 

Ask questions that allow you to use a third-party testimonial.  For example, "Mr. Jones with XYZ Corporation had a similar situation, and do you know what he did?"

Be sensitive to the customers' wants, needs and issues.  Make them the star of your presentation by asking them involvement questions.

People make judgments based on what they FEEL, not on what they THINK.  Instead of asking--"So, what do you think?" say  "So, how do you feel about our product/service?"

Let me leave you with my famous 2-1 ratio recipe for successful questioning.  Ask two personal questions to one business-related one.  This helps alleviate any sales pressure. Instead, your customers learn to link positive feelings to their meeting with you because you took the time to ask important questions that focused on them.  Asking with attitude lets you close with confidence.

Omar Periu and his family fled Castro's regime when he was only seven years old.  Thus began Omar's journey of success in the land of freedom and opportunity. He went on to achieve many entrepreneurial successes in the United States.  For more information about Omar, go to

Provided courtesy of  Jim Rohn International