Messages from the Masters
The Building of a Railway Bridge of Life by Jan Ruhe

Have you ever compared being the best we can be in life to the building of a bridge?  A railroad bridge.

If you leave out a center section, and that section is over a river, the train is going to go right smack into the river no matter how well all the rest of the span is built.  This is not much different than all the tools and systems that in business we need to build a solid, permanent, cohesive, and long-term paying-off sales organization.

If you don't get from one side of the river to the other, whatever the reason, it doesn't make any difference how good some parts of the bridge are.

They can be world class and still be useless. In other words, the best tools in the world, if they are not fitted into a system, and if people are not taught how to use those tools, are useless.

What does being the best we can be have to do with bridges/trains? 

You are the train.  The locomotive. You are pulling a whole string of cars behind you.

You are the leader.  You are pulling, much of the time, not just leading by brute force.

You can get a huge string of trains moving, very fast.

Masters teach people how to build their own bridges.

The reason Masters seem to work so little, or work so easily, is that they do not use brute force unless they must take a stand on principle.  They may have, early in their careers, but they learned that they will burn themselves out if they continue on that path.

Some people, run around, trying to figure out what to do first, totally unaware that his/her fundamental need in the beginning was to sit down and draw up a plan.  Instead, they go running off and thinks taking "action" is something that gets recognition. 

Because something is easy to do does not make it the smart thing to do.  It just makes it easy.  And, fun.  At least for a while.

Taking action and getting no results is silly.  If what you are doing is not working, stop, look at what you are doing and find another path.  Surely there is a roadmap to follow.  Just keep building relationships like bridges.  You have to build the whole bridge to make it work.  Build relationships, help people get what they want and you will get everything you ever dreamed of!

Jan Ruhe  

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