Messages from the Masters
Using Fear to Get Going by Sheila Murray Bethel

We all live with fear every day. Sometimes it's just a little hesitation before doing something new or unusual. Other times, it can take real effort to overcome what is scaring us. The worst and most debilitating fear is one that stops us in our tracks and keeps us from functioning.

The best way to confront any fear is to do something. Anything. Stand up, walk around. If necessary, put some time and space between you and the problem. Do something totally unrelated to your fear. The physical act of movement releases the tension in your muscles so you can get control of your emotions. Use the adrenaline of fear for action, not paralysis, and keep moving. Then you're ready to start the intellectual process, planning how to handle the situation.

Fear is a natural and valuable part of life. It alerts us to potential problems and increases our awareness of opportunities.

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