Messages from the Masters
Your Power Grid by Sheila Murray Bethel, Ph.D.

The recent energy crisis in California makes us more aware than ever of how interconnected we all are. When businesses in one area lose power and can't operate, the repercussions can go far beyond the area, the state, or even the nation. The domino effect can be felt around the world.

Each of us is like a power grid, intricately connected to all other human grids. At different times, we all create, receive, or pass on energy. Accepting energy from others is as natural and productive as accepting the warmth of the sun. 
Whenever circumstances rob you of your spark, hook up with outside power sources:

1. Share the burden. You don't have to go it alone. Find others who have gone through similar challenges and get support and encouragement from them. Consider setting up a buddy system, where you support each other.

2. Let your family and friends know that you need their support. You've given them lots of your energy in the past. Now you can give them another gift, allowing them to feel really good about themselves because they can give you the boost you need.

3. Reach outside your immediate power grid. "No man is an island" is just as true now as it was when John Donne wrote the words in the 17th century. There are lots of worldwide resources you can tap if you expand your thinking. Consider new sources of information and new business and personal alliances that can be tapped through the Internet; through local, national, and international organizations; through networking at work or in your personal life.

You are not alone. The energy you need is flowing all around you. Tap into it and watch your lights go on!

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