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Leaving One's Comfort Zone Is No Small Chore! by Josh Hinds

When I was younger I had the good fortune of learning the value of doing what you enjoy. If you happen to be stuck in a place in your life where you're not particularly happy, please don't take this as though I am rubbing it in your face (I certainly know in my past I've done things I didn't particularly enjoy as well)...

With that said, "Where did I learn the lesson you ask?" I listened to the advice of my dad (and still greatest mentor). You see, my father, just married and still very young had gotten into the insurance industry. To say that he was successful is a gross understatement (he joined Nationwide's top sellers before 25 years of age and was featured in Time Life Magazine as a result). He went on to be one of the first independent insurance salesman in our area of Tuscaloosa, AL.

Then he decided to move on to other ventures. Why in the world would someone who had built security head face first into the uncertain you ask?  Simply put his heart was no longer in it. He wanted to do other ventures. So that's what he did. I won't tell you he was successful in everything he tried, but I can tell you he had the satisfaction of doing what he enjoyed. 

My friend, leaving one's comfort zone is no small chore! Trust me I've learned this first hand. I can say that when all's said and done it's worth it! For better or worse we will at least know without a doubt that we tried. And knowing that is worth much more than I can put into words.

It is with writing this message that I hope that you're also finding personal satisfaction in your life. You owe nothing less to yourself!...

Your friend in cyberspace, Josh Hinds :-)

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