Messages from the Masters
Attitude...Here We Go Again! by Doug Firebaugh

Do you realize the impact a negative attitude has on everything around it...? 

Oh sure...I can hear it now..."Oh No! Another negative attitude lesson..."


If you are truly cynical...yes, it is birthed from a negative attitude...but all an attitude is, is a mindset focus...and you determine in life what you focus on...or don't...Cynics are like the perpetual whiner who always whines but never fixes the cause of the problem...and when approached to do something about it, blames the world for not already having it fixed... 

It is called a self absorbed mindset...and that will NOT create any form of success in your life...except the success of being a failure... Do you blame things that happen to you on fate? Or do you think, "That's just my luck?" Cynics always see the bad in the good...and you can tell a true cynic by one thing... 


A cynic or negative focus expects negative and incorrect results due to their mindset...What do you expect to happen this year? This month? This week?

Here is a Secret...What you expect to happen in your life...generally does...(CLUE!!!!!) 

You wanna know something about the word cynic? It is a cousin word to Cyanide...same root...Did you get that???? If you want to bring a cyanide to poison your Success...

Be cynical.....and count the coffins..... 

Doug Firebaugh

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