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Smooth Stones and Danger Zones by Jan Ruhe

After many years of water pouring over stones in a river, they become smooth.  Living near the great Roaring Fork River in the Aspen Valley for years, I have taken note of the fabulous smooth stones in the river.  The river continues to flow year after year.  When the snow melts in the great Rocky Mountains, the river swells and the river rafts are brought out and the fun seekers ride the rapids for weeks and weeks. 

On the rafts are guides.  These guides have to take classes and go on the river many times with experts before the rafting companies let them go alone with passengers day after day.  People pay lots of money to go on river rafting trips.  They are excited and are seeking a thrill that believe me, they get!!

Not too many years ago we went on a river-rafting trip on the peak day of the river's height and swiftness.  There was much excitement as the guide showed everyone how to paddle forward, backward and to listen to his commands.  Everyone in the raft had to do what the guide said or we could possibly flip the raft and be dashed into the big rocks!  People paid attention.  Why?  Fear.  Yep, good old fear.  No one wanted to flip over and fall into the incredibly strong rapids.  Also, excitement and adrenalin.  People wanted to go fast, to ride the rapids and to have a great ride!!  No doubt about it, riding the rapids on a peak day is wild and exciting!!!  

Way under the river at the bottom of the river, however, are those smooth stones.  They are colorful and of all different sizes.  The river has gone over and over them for years.  

It reminded me a lot of my business.  It has taken years to become the steady business it is today.  There are activities that I have done daily over and over again that have smoothed out the difficulties.  I have also been through the danger zones in life.  And I have survived. I have taken risks and decided to decide to MAKE it work.  

Have you heard it said that only a few people in business ever get to the top, blah blah blah?  Well, maybe that's because only a few stay driven to get there.  It's not business that stops people from succeeding, but the person herself or himself.  Turn a deaf ear to those who say it can't be done or say that you can't succeed!  The reality is that if it's doable for one, it's doable for all.

I did and so can you...BIG TIME! Believe me, we are more alike than we are different!

Fire Up!
Jan Ruhe

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