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The "Big" Secret by Jerry Clark

Today was an interesting day for me.  I had two people on separate unrelated occasions call to "Interview" me in an effort to find out the "Secrets" to my "Success." 

Typically I would simply refer these people to my tapes because that's why I created them in the first place.  However, I was curious to see what these young men were looking for so I stayed with each of them for over 30 minutes answering whatever questions they had for me.  As I was answering their questions, I could tell that they were intently listening for a "Magic Formula" to just jump out at them at any moment.  They both asked everything from what companies I was with to what systems I used to what type of upline support I had, did I have children while building my business, did any of my family members get started with me, where did I get my leads, when did I go full-time, and so on and so on...  I answered their questions with statements like this, "I just talked to lots of people, made lots of mistakes, and got lots of rejection."  I'm sure that must have motivated them...  Well after they were done asking me questions, they thanked me and promised to keep me posted on their development.  Later on during the day after working out, I jumped in my Dry Sauna to reflect on my conversation with each of these individuals.  This is when all of a sudden a "Light" went off in my head.  The "Secret" to my "Success" came to me in the form of an inner voice that said, "THE SECRET DIDN'T HAVE MUCH TO DO WITH WHAT YOU DID, BUT IT HAD EVERYTHING TO DO WITH WHAT YOU THOUGHT."  Somewhere along my journey in this industry, I developed the habit of thinking predominately about the things I desired and not the things I didn't desire.  Always remember that WHATEVER YOU THINK ABOUT EXPANDS.  Therefore, if you constantly think about not being able to pay your bills, then you get more of not being able to pay your bills.  If you constantly think about why your business is not growing, then you get more of your business not growing.  If you constantly think about how afraid you are to talk to people, then you get more fear of not talking to people, etc.

However, if you constantly think about the awesome people that are joining you in your business, you will eventually get awesome people joining you in your business.  If you constantly think about how abundant you are, then you will become more abundant.  If you constantly think about how you tend to attract open and motivated people, then you will attract more open and motivated people.  This may sound simple or maybe even spooky to some of you, but the bottom line is it works.  In fact, it's a Universal Law.  For those of you who have listened to my Creating Magic tape set, you may remember when I said that YOUR BRAIN IS BOTH A RECEIVING SET AND A BROADCASTING STATION FOR THE VIBRATIONS OF THOUGHT.  Understand this, you can literally train your mind to think only on the things you desire, therefore dialing into the Station that will allow those things to be received by you.  It may take some time to re-condition your mind to think this way, but it’s worth it... So always remember that Success in this business or in life in general doesn't really have as much to do with what you do as it does with what you think... And that, my friends, is "THE BIG SECRET." 

Until Next Time...Go, Go, Go!!!

Jerry L. Clark 

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