Messages from the Masters
Losing Weight by Zig Ziglar

It seems that after 20 years of diet, exercise, miracle potions, and a host of gimmicks, the American people have concluded that losing weight is a lost cause for them. They take it off and put it back on. They are unhappy losing the weight, depriving themselves of their favorite foods, and then feeling guilty because they regain the weight. 

There's a major trend among millions of Americans who are saying, "To heck with it! I'm going to eat what I want and just suffer the consequences, but I'm not going to be miserable about it."

That's an unfortunate approach. But I understand why they feel that way because for many years I was on that roller coaster. A quarter of a century ago I decided to lose weight on a gradual basis, and in a 10-month period of eating sensibly and eating regularly, I lost 37 pounds. I averaged losing one and nine-tenths ounces per day.

Most attempts at weight loss are undermined by unrealistic promises made about a "revolutionary" new approach or product that "will take all the weight off permanently and you won't even feel hungry." The real answer is a change of lifestyle, a combination of eating sensibly and exercising regularly. Benefits are enormous. On Nov. 24, 1999, at age 73, I stayed on the treadmill at the Aerobics Center more than two minutes longer than I was able to stay at age 45 when I weighed over 200 pounds and was terribly out of shape. I have a resting heart rate of 47, my cholesterol level was described by my examining physician as "perfect" at 156, and my blood pressure is 110/60. Those are the readings typical of a much younger man. And my enthusiasm for life grows every day.

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