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Stickability Is Tremendous by Charlie "T" Jones

Stick by it, die by it, never give up.  We need to burn the word "stickability" into our hearts. There is a plague sweeping the world, it is now reaching epidemic proportions.  It's better known as the Quitters Disease.  Everywhere I go I hear the phrase, in many different tones I QUIT - I QUIT - I QUIT.  I expect to be greeted by some overwhelming, happy associate each time I return to the office with a great big - I QUIT.  The problem with most people is that they don't realize what the problem is. I remember how I always wanted to quit. In fact, that's why I worked so hard to become successful so that I wouldn't have to go through that agonizing wanting to quit all the time.  Then, finally, I became a success, and to my surprise, I wanted to quit anyway.  I then learned that the human being hits psychological lows two or three times a year, and wants to quit for no reason at all.  Of course, the real problem was in wanting to quit, because the more I would want to quit, the more I would want to quit, and the more I would want to quit, the more I was afraid I was going to quit, and I didn't want to quit, I just wanted to want to quit.  Finally, one day I discovered the difference between quitting and wanting to quit.  I then decided I would never quit, and now I enjoy quitting all the time, because I know I'm not going to QUIT.  Sometimes someone will ask, "You mean you can't ever quit?" That's right, you can die, retire or get fired, but that's it.  Of course, there are exceptions and you are going to think you're it every time you want to quit and if you sell out that easily, you'll never get to pay the first price of leadership.  I think you'll agree that more is to be gained by stickability than chasing better deals, and most of the time our attitudes at the time of our quitting is setting the stage for almost certain failure in whatever we run to.


Charles "T" Jones

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