Messages from the Masters
Become a Good Observer by Jim Rohn

We must never allow a day to pass without finding the answers to a list of important questions such as:  What is going on in our industry?  What new challenges are currently facing our government?  Our community?  Our neighborhood?  What are the new breakthroughs, the new opportunities, the new tools and techniques that have recently come to light?  Who are the new personalities that are influencing world and local opinion?

We must become good observers and astute evaluators of all that is going on around us.  All events affect us, and what affects us leaves an imprint on what we will one day be and how we will one day live.

One of the major reasons why people are not doing well is because they keep trying to get through the day.  A more worthy challenge is to try to get from the day.  We must become sensitive enough to observe and ponder what is happening around us.  Be alert.  Be awake.  Let life and all of its subtle messages touch us.  Often, the most extraordinary opportunities are hidden among the seemingly insignificant events of life.  If we do not pay attention to these events, we can easily miss the opportunities.

So be a good observer of both life and the world around you.

To Your Success,
Jim Rohn

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