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Ever Been in a Hole in Life? by Doug Firebaugh

Ever been in a hole in Life?

You look around, and suddenly you realize that everything is closed in, and you have dug yourself in a hole!


With your words, thinking, opinions, beliefs, doubts and when they really were uncalled for...and couldn't see what was REALLY going on? 

For instance: 

"I think there is a world market for about 5 computers..." Thomas J. Watson/IBM 

Yeah Tom, sure.

"I don't need Bodyguards..." Jimmy Hoffa/two weeks before his disappearance.

Jimmy...where are you? 

"I don't think that sound will sell. Guitars are on the way out..." DECCA Records, about a new group called The Beatles

She loves you, yeah! yeah! yeah!!!!!! 

SEE what I mean?

Let me ask you this: Going into this new you have erroneous opinions about things, hopes, and about your abilities? 

Have you dug yourself into a hole, and now it has turned into a very narrow rut? 

Wanna know a Secret...? That Hole, or rut, will soon become a Grave...where you have buried your dreams and desires that used to burn HOT! Why does that happen???  Simple. You are not seeing the right "hole." People dig themselves into a hole...because they are not focused on the WHOLE of a situation, the complete picture...the full story...and the REAL, TOTAL YOU!

The wholeness of the Real You is staggering. The Greatness inside of you is amazing...if you quit digging your Hole long enough to see the "Whole" picture...complete and the way it is...and if you do that...Your digging will automatically stop. You will be looking at you, through different see the WHOLE picture, not a Hole in the picture, as most do, and continue to and believe about themselves. 

The Beatles did not give up. They saw the Whole Picture. Steve Jobs did not give up. He saw the Whole Picture! What if Thomas Watson were alive today...think he'd be shocked? 

If you find yourself in a Hole and no way out heading into the New Year...don't despair...Focus your eyes on the Whole Picture, The Complete Picture, and Total Potential of YOU! Quit digging any further, and see what you need to do to start climbing out, with the Whole Vision of Who you are in front of you... 

Debt?  Put a plan together to pay it will require sacrifice and discipline.

Relationship? It's your time to see the whole picture of the relationship...and what you need to do to fix it, or jettison it. 

Career? Quit digging any further if you are in a hole...and get your resume out and circulate it...some jobs have no future...except for the owners... 

Self Doubt? Quit digging that hole and get the book "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen - written in will change your life like it did mine. See the Whole of the situation, not what you just can see at that moment.  There is greatness inside of you...buried in some hole that you dug in your heart... 

"Singer? You gotta be kidding. You should go back and finish up the farm work you left. That was the worst singing I ever heard...." Liberty Records Producer...

About a new group called the Mudcats...Lead Singer? 

Elvis Presley...look at the size of THAT HOLE!!!!! 

Focus on the Whole...and the holes will get shallower till there are no more... 

Doug Firebaugh

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