Messages from the Masters
Expect the Unexpected by Jerry Clark

For the past several years, I had been thinking, evaluating, contemplating, and hesitating about going to the doctor and getting Laser Surgery Performed on my eyes... Ok, let me just tell you the truth: I was afraid... Oh no, not the Charging Rhino... The Go, Go, Go man, the Positive Motivational Kid who went from the Inner City Ghetto to the Beaches of the World... Yes, I confess in front of thousands of people from all corners of the Globe... I was flat out scared... You say, but Jerry, pointing lasers and drilling holes in your eyes is definitely something to be understandably afraid of... Yes But; and this is a BIG BUT... I had done adequate research... I knew that over a Million people had successfully been through the operation... I knew that the chances of a minor problem was slim to none, and I knew the chances of a major catastrophe was virtually nonexistent... I even interviewed several people who had it done and they all loved it... I even checked up on the first person who ever got it done - which was in 1987 - and he still had 20/20 vision and never had any problems... In other words, I knew there was really nothing worthwhile being afraid of... My F.E.A.R was simply a False Emotion Appearing Real... I had worn glasses since 1986 and was really ready to throw away those Visual Crutches... My vision had deteriorated to 20/600 which is not good when you understand that the so-called "perfect" vision for Human Beings is said to be 20/20... So, after years of not stepping out of my fear zone on this issue, I decided to go and do it... My only expectation after the surgery was that I would be able to see without my eyeglasses... Wow! Was I in for a Shock... Don't get me wrong, I got the surgery done last week and my vision without prescription glasses or contacts is now 20/15, which is actually better than 20/20... It's awesome!  However, I also see things that I didn't expect... In other words, there were things going on around me in my life by people who were very close to me and I didn't "see" it before my eye surgery... However, it became clearly apparent after the surgery... I guess the surgery to improve my vision or sight also opened the gate to improve my vision or sight in areas that I would have never thought possible or dreamt of... What are some areas of your life that you've been procrastinating on?  What have you wanted to do but have thus far been afraid to just do it?  If it is something that you know will make a positive difference in your life, I suggest you make a commitment now to do it... However, be prepared to get a lot more than you bargained for because in the 21st Century...EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED

Until next time... Go, Go, Go!!!  

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