Quotes from the Masters
On Business

"To succeed in business, you must specialize in a particular product or service for a particular customer, and then do what you do in an excellent fashion." -– Brian Tracy  

"Even in the worst depression, 25% of businesses are booming – in your industry find out what they're doing and do it." -– Mark Victor Hansen  

"I don't judge companies by the CEO or people who fly in the corporate jets. I judge a company by the real people, the ones who answer the phone and carry your bags." -- Patricia Fripp

"Restructuring -- continually look for ways to focus your time and resources on the few things that contribute the greatest value to your company and your customers." -- Brian Tracy  

"Major Clue for employee -- Poor attitude can come from places other than work.  Major Clue for employer -- You can't change people's home life, but it's to every employers best advantage to make the atmosphere inside the workplace a fun one." -- Jeffrey Gitomer

"It is better to sell a large number of cars at a reasonably small margin than to sell fewer at a large margin of profit...It enables a large number of people to buy and enjoy (the car) and gives a large number to men employment at good wages. Those are two aims I have in life." -- Henry Ford  

"Satisfied customers are apathetic. Loyal customers will be your advocate." -- Jeffrey Gitomer  

"Everybody brings in the business, serves the customers and increases profits." -– Patricia Fripp  

"Business success comes from identifying and targeting specific customer groups or market segments for your product or service." -- Brian Tracy

Provided courtesy of  Jim Rohn International