Messages from the Masters
Personal Motivation & Work Habits by Paul J. Meyer

The #1 ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENT in developing good work habits is being your own "self starter" and pushing your own "go button!"

This is something that doesn't come from somebody in your upline . . . or the company . . . or this newsletter!

It is a quality that you must develop from within!

It requires personal motivation!

How can you personally motivate yourself to develop good work habits and discard the old ones?

First, give frank and honest attention to your own shortcomings and a firm reserve to substitute "good" for "poor!"

Then, try the following ideas in your personal motivation program and keep on keeping on until they become habits!

Bad work habits are like a soft bed: they are easy to get into, but hard to get out of!

Start each day with something in this business that you will know will be successful.

Example: If you have a final appointment with a prospect to close a sale and get the papers signed, schedule it first thing in the morning! (This can set the tone in an entire day's work -- it can establish a pattern!)

Make the cost of failing too high a price to pay!

Example: Once you have undertaken an action step to achieve a specific sales goal, make it difficult, embarrassing, or impossible to turn back! Tell your spouse or someone close to you what you intend to do! Involve your ego and the odds are in your favor to succeed!

Don't confuse the difficult with the impossible! We are human! We all like to do easy things. When you try something difficult, don't take the easy way out - keep on trying!

Example: When a prospect says "no" to an appointment for the fifth time, call him back for the sixth time!

Please remember this: There will never be a "more convenient time" than NOW!

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