Messages from the Masters
The Right Life! by Ed Hirsch

Being faithful to your goals and Dreams sometimes means sacrificing comfort and convenience (at least for the short term).  To live the life you most aspire to, you need to do specific things, in a specific way, in order for them to turn out.

Think back and remember things that happened in your past, to those periods of time when you wasted time and money, and then had to somehow figure out a way to rework your misguided ways, overcoming to make things RIGHT.

What specific things need be done NOW in your life?

Do you know...are you willing to find out?

What if you're wrong (again)?

You need mentors.

Not only for your business career, also for your Life's balance to ensure that what you earn, you keep.  What you keep must be re-worked, re-invested (throw some compound interest & geometric progression in there too) for continued and sustaining growth and prosperity.

Are YOU WILLING to move toward the balance that life affords, as is nature itself?

What is your perception of balance in your own individual life?  Know anyone who has it?

What are the specific excuses you come up with in your mind to avoid the disciplines in business, family, health, God, contribution, etc...(whatever it is you hold dear and most significant/important to the essence of who you ARE)?

There is a RIGHT way to live that balanced life I suggest.

However, it usually cannot all be learned from one (1) individual (mentor).  Mostly, it requires a concerted effort to SPECIFICALLY identify the parameters of balance.  Earning and having a lot of Money is ONLY ONE part of balance.

Your specific thoughts, intentions, words, movements, actions, plans, goals, in, day out...if done RIGHT, will move you where?

What do YOU think?

Being obedient in Faith, disciplining your life in the way you KNOW you are being led (in whatever way you truly believe in your heart to be true), has GOT to be the greatest challenge and reward.

Contributed by Ed Hirsch.

Provided courtesy of  Jim Rohn International