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8 Steps to Unleashing Your Genie... by Jerry Clark

Step #1:

Pretend for a moment that a Genie mysteriously appears in front of you and tells you that you can have everything you could possible dream of. There are no limitations. However, you have to write all of your dreams down on paper. Everything that you've always dreamed of could be yours. The Genie instructs you to just write freely without thinking about how you're going to get these things because that's her job. Just let yourself write without pausing, just let yourself write continuously for 10 or 15 minutes non-stop. In his book Motivation and Personality, Abraham Maslow said, "No matter how old you are the day you can't sit down and come up with a want list, you're in trouble because you're on your way out." So grab your pen now, begin writing and continue with the next step when you're done.

Step #2:

Take all the dreams you've just written down and categorize them in one of these six areas of life. If necessary, get a separate sheet of paper for each category. 

Physical...Your health and fitness goals.
Vocational...Your business and career goals.
Interpersonal...Social, Professional, and Family relationship goals
Personal...Travel, Community, Educational, etc. (Pretty much whatever that does not fall into one of the other categories should be placed here.)
Financial...Your money goals.

Spend some time now and categorize the dreams and goals you've written down in step #1. Remember, don't think about how you're going to achieve those dreams and goals – that's not important at this point. When you're finished with this step, continue with step #3.

Step #3:

Go through each dream that you've written and categorized and write next to each of them when you would like to see it accomplished. In other words, you are simply setting some time frames. Don't spend too much time using your brain to think about this. When you come to the dream or goal, simply write down the first number that comes to you. It may be three months, one year, five years, twenty years, etc. When you're done with this, then and only then should you move on to step #4.

Step #4:

Go through each of the six categories in which you have your dreams and goals written down and pick out the top three from each category that you are absolutely committed to accomplishing within the next year. So you are going to focus on the goals that you wrote One year or less when you completed step #3. If you only have one or two goals that you wanted to complete within one year in any specific category – then just write that down. In other words, you are not penalized for not having at least three even though if you don't have at least three one year goals in each category then you probably limited yourself when doing step #1. After you have written your top three one year goals from each category, then write down next to each one of them WHY you are committed to accomplishing them. This is a very important part of this step. Well, when you have completed this, then move on to step #5.

Step #5:

List the character traits you believe you would have to have in order to accomplish the goals you've written down. In other words, what type of person would you have to be in order to obtain the goals you've written – the ones you said you are committed to accomplishing within the next year? If you're not sure, think of a few people who have already achieved what it is you want and specify in a few words the qualities, behaviors and character traits you feel they have that contributes to their success. Also a great thing to do is read autobiographies, articles and watch interviews of people who have achieved whatever it is you want. When you're done with this step, move on to step #6.

Step #6:

What do you feel have been the roadblocks that have caused or prevented you from already achieving your top one-year goals?

Step #7:

What are you willing to give for the attainment of your goals? Obviously, it's going to take some degree of time, energy, effort, and maybe money to obtain your goals. You may have to give up Monday night football or Tuesday night bowling or Thursday night softball matches. So you need to decide what amount of time, energy, effort, and money you are willing to give in order to achieve your goals.

Step #8:

One of the executives at Atari a while back said that the best way to determine your future now-days is to invent it. Thus right now we want you to invent or design your ideal day. You want to do this in as much detail as possible. Describe from the time you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night. Describe what you see, whom you hear, what you feel like, what you smell, and what you taste. This is going to be one of the most incredible exercises you've ever done. Begin Now!

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