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The Process... by Doug Firebaugh

Network Marketing is a Process...and has a step by step Mechanics to it which we at PassionFire teach and focus on....and it is a Path to Success....we believe
passionately in this Model.....and adhere to this model in all trainings.... 


Let's take a look at how we function as a Society....... 

What comes after this...1...2...3...?? 

The answer is 4

What comes after this...Monday..Tuesday...Wednesday...? 

The answer is Thursday!

What comes after January..February...? 

The answer is March!

What does that tell us? We live in a Process focused, Sequential Based Culture...which we all feel comfortable with......we grew up with that focus and lifestyle...
there is a reason why it's First grade...Second Grade....Third Grade.... 

Sequential Order is how we order our Lives..... 

So goes as we Network Marketing....if we are already programmed to think like that...why not focus our business like that? We are already comfortable with this environment! 

We call it the "5 Modules of Network Marketing..."

...The Ultimate Secret to Recruiting, Training, and Building a Permanent Downline.... 

KILLER Secret: 

It is so much easier to work, think, and do this business in the mindset we grew up with than change horses in the middle of a stream...and do this business outside of how we live...and think...and work...even our corporate jobs are sequential in   

What are the 5 Modules..(or the PassionFire Success Model of MLM)? 

1) Prospecting 

2) The Approach 

3) The Presentation 

4) The Next Move (Follow Up) 

5) The Decision

And now the details for the 5 Modules… 

1) Prospecting. must have folks to talk to about your products and your business.....If you don' will fail....and this is where your work make a list of prospects that you can "advertise" to to let them know you are in business....that is all part of the Marketing Process and getting the word out about your new business.... 

2) The Approach. 

You must make initial contact with folks to let them know what you are doing.....and you could use some help.....this is a natural next step once you have made a list of potential customers and distributors to start with....and 80% of all failure in MLM starts with an ineffective approach.....this is a MUST to Master! 

3) The Presentation. 

With all of the High tech tools out there and all of the third party communication is easy to put on a Powerful presentation that really gets folk's attention.....but it is not enough just to must impact! And then Empower......and all presentations must have Emotion and Hope attached to you will learn..... 

4) The Next Move (Follow Up). 

When you have done presenting, you must keep them going....your job is not to keep them interested...but Involved in the they can make an Intelligent Decision that is right for them......what would be the natural next move? You will learn how to move them along and keep them excited...

5) The Decision. 

You MUST get a decision from your prospect...your job is not to convince them to join...but to see if this is right for them......and MAYBES in this business will kill your business...the Decision is what your goal is...not to recruit them as you will learn...nothing is more discouraging to a new distributor than to get a lot of No's.....and not understand they have succeeded at getting a Decision....the Yeses will come.....but the Decision MUST be made by the Prospect...and a lot of them will not join your are not looking for are looking for folks who are looking for you.....

These 5 Modules are a track to keep you focused and on Track to where you go next... It is easy to train and teach...and can follow and interface with any existing training structure.....but this is what we call the "PowerPath"(sm)...a Path to Empower and to build your business on....step by step and brick by brick..... 

And yes there may be times you must be flexible with the may have to go back and do another presentation.....or there may be a series of Next moves(usually there are).... so it can give you the flexibility you need, but the focus required to keep you on track and on the path that Leads to success...which is what you want..... 

And there will be times that after a presentation your prospect is ready then to sign up.... 

GET THE APP! You have a decision! 

And the other steps are not do have flexibility in all areas with the PowerPath. 

Training this PowerPath is very easy and effective...and most new distributors pick up on it quickly.....why?

It gives them a Map, or a Trail to go down...and you always know where you are...what is that called? 


What is that a Part of? 

Leadership! The Secret Weapon of Network Marketing...... 

You are giving them the Path they need, with an automatic compass to keep them heading towards the Ultimate North 
Star....Success! Through a Leadership Based Model of doing this business and Succeeding in it... 

Learn and Internalize the 5 Modules...Embrace them and use them......and know that it truly is a Path of Power......and the more you understand the Process...the more Powerful the Path becomes! 

That is how you do Network a Leader....not just a distributor...  

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