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Create Greater Balance Immediately in Your Life with B-Alert by Mark Victor Hansen

Are you tired of just not having enough fun in your life? Do you feel like too much of your life is tied up with responsibilities, both at the workplace and at home as well?

If you have any stress or concern about the quality of life you're currently experiencing (or not experiencing at all!), here's an easy system that will bring focus and balance to your life. We call it the B-ALERT System for Optimum Balance. 

As you know, the word "alert" means to be at the ready, using intelligence, being on guard, conscious and prepared. Obviously, being at the ready every day and using intelligence will keep you mindful of your priorities and state of balance. 

As you apply this system day after day for an entire month, be aware of any resistance you feel; consciously work at letting these mental blocks go, and you'll see big change begin to take place immediately. 

B is for Blueprint

A blueprint is a simple map for your day. Set aside just 10 minutes to prepare your blueprint for the day. Either do it the night before, or get up a few minutes early to put your plan in place. As you develop your day's blueprint, focus on your most important activities, such as whom you will meet with and the purpose and objective of each meeting. Set specific time limits for your appointments. Also, review projects to ensure you've given them enough time in the day for completion. 

A is for Action

The amount of action you put into your day will directly determine your success. Just make sure that you're following that blueprint - don't allow yourself to be sidetracked by minor emergencies or interruptions. Concentrate on the activities that produce the greatest results for you and delegate. 

L is for Learning

Every day, take time to expand your knowledge. This doesn't require several hours of study. Consciously open your window of curiosity and you'll be astounded at what clambers in that window through the day. Then, set aside 20 minutes to a half-hour each morning to read stimulating, challenging books that discuss canny motivation, biographies and autobiographies of people you admire, and "brain work" books that increase your consciousness and skills. Lastly, invest in audiotapes for the commute to and from work. Even 20 minutes a day will put you 100 hours a year ahead of people listening to a crazy D.J. or negative news. 

E is for Exercise

Creating a balance in your life means you treat your health with respect. Set a 30-day goal, no exceptions, to get through initial exercise - stretching and a brisk 15-minute walk around the block is a great start. If you can't find the motivation anywhere in your body, call a personal trainer and have him or her meet you for that walk around the block. They're inexpensive on an hourly basis, loaded with stretching and nutritional information, and fun to converse with. 

R is for Relaxing

Do you get physically tired during your workday? An excellent way to preserve your energy is a TPM - Twenty-Five Peaceful Minutes. Whether you can shut your door and actually lay on your floor, or climb into your car for a few reclined minutes of deep breathing, the TPM will work wonders for your afternoon and evening hours. For the bigger relaxation picture, completely shut down the business calls, pagers and faxes when you leave the office every evening - and when you take a day, a week or even a month away from the workplace. A handy way to keep work from creeping into the picture - in your 10 minutes of "B for Blueprint," schedule activities around yourself and your family on evenings and weekends and follow through! 

T is for Thinking

This isn't just average, ordinary thinking - this is reflective thinking. At the end of your day, take a mental snapshot of your day. How did you do? What did you do well? Are there adjustments you can make? Focus daily on the progress you've made. By taking just five minutes to complete this exercise every evening, you'll develop unusual clarity for what is working and not working in your life.

As you instill this six-step system into your day, review your progress each evening. Did you work through all six? Keep track of any steps you missed or skipped over - this alone will tell you something about your resistance pockets! As always, ease into this new habit - don't be too hard on yourself. The more you practice, the better results you will have. 

Mark Victor Hansen

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