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What Are You Waiting For? by Paul J. Meyer

Are you waiting for some special deal from the Home Office at the end of a month...or at the end of a quarter...or at the end of some calendar date? 


There is a far better way:

Accept personal responsibility for your own life... 
Accept personal responsibility for your own failure... 
Accept personal responsibility for your own success.

The way OUT OF THE DEPENDENCY on expecting someone else to motivate you to take action with some special deal is to really, really accept responsibility for your own daily activity in your business!

This means YOU initiating action...

It means being personally responsible for your actions each day:

Making "x" number of calls a it now!
Making so many presentations a it now!
Getting in on some three-way calls for recruiting each it now!
Getting leads for prospects from each person you it now!
Have a goal to do some activity every day in your network marketing business.

Then the local meetings, the regional meetings, and the national meetings are not the cake itself.  Rather, they become the frosting on the cake.

These events will then help you get twice as much...or five times as much...benefit if you have been responsible for doing all you could have done on a daily basis. You will have momentum going into these recruiting meetings, event weekends, training weekends...

          TAKE ACTION NOW!

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