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Making a Positive Difference by Zig Ziglar

Janet Carroll has courage in abundance, and she is making a difference and providing encouragement to people all over America. Janet Carroll is also a woman of audacity, commitment, imagination, and a willingness to go the extra mile.

She conceived an idea to bring to the public's attention some exciting things happening in our country. She chose to concentrate on some quiet people who shun the spotlight while making America a better place to live.

She quit her job, borrowed $27,000 on her credit cards, and became the writer/producer/director/ salesperson/entrepreneur/organizer/creator/motivator for the UNSUNG HEROES television program. Her first program aired in 1991 and for three years was seen in prime time, six or seven times each year.

In retrospect, Janet Carroll says that had she known then what she knows today, she probably would not have started the program. Consider the odds: No money, single mother, no experience producing a television show, and she had to go against the pros and moneyed people who have unlimited budgets, using the latest technology to produce their shows.

The impact the show has had on Janet and many others is substantial, including a cameraman who observed that he feels very "important" standing behind the camera filming important people. "But," he said, "with these unsung heroes I fully recognize that they really are the heroes and that I'm privileged to be filming them." Yes, Janet Carroll was and is a difference maker--and so are you, so make it a positive difference.

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