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Thoughts Rule the World by Doug Firebaugh

Oh that is GOOD One! And so true. 

That is a great train of thought going on there. If you really understand it, thoughts have ruled the world from the beginning. All the Cities in the Country started as a thought, or Idea in someone's mind....

Every invention, cure, Toy, Game, School, Company, medicine...the list is endless. Thoughts all created that. 


All of what exists in the world as a result of man's efforts started as a thought, and Influenced life, and thusly Ruled it in it's own way. 

Thoughts do rule the world. 

But.......Thoughts also Rule YOUR World. 

Your Inner World, which controls your Outer World. Are you aware that your thoughts that you are thinking today, are constructing your World Of tomorrow?

What is Your Construction project looking Like? 

If you look at the word stands for:

R - REVEAL..Your thoughts do not tell what you are thinking, as much as Reveal who you are..... 

U - UNCOVER...your thoughts Uncover your Real desires for your life....and those thoughts which Dominate 

L - LOCK....your thoughts Lock in and Lock down your emerging you Forge and Fire it in the Furnace in your mind...and your thoughts become habitual and Steel-like 

E - EVOLVE.....and then your Life, Future, and Direction(or lack of) start controlling and ruling your daily actions, which create your weekly results, which add up to your monthly misery,(for most)and then total up to your Yearly Yawn......("Is this all there is to my life? Rut City?...yawn....") 

Take care of your "Rulers of Your World..." as it says in Proverbs..."As a Man/Woman thinketh in his/her Heart, so are they".... 

Whose gonna rule your world in the future? 

You get to Vote for Your "Ruler"...and you can even rig the election.....

In your favor...... 


Doug Firebaugh 

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