Messages from the Masters
Planning Your Time by Tom Hopkins

Make it a firm habit to sit down for a few minutes every evening to plan what you must do tomorrow.  List them in the order of importance.  This is the one and only system many highly successful people use.

To get yourself organized, list all the things you can do and learn to make yourself more effective.  Work out a schedule that will get them done or learned in the shortest possible time.

When you start making lists the night before, your subconscious mind will work on your list all night without disturbing your sleep to help you solve your problems and achieve your goals.  Your subconscious, however, can't help unless you tune it in to what's going to happen next.

Give this process several days to start flowing.  Go over your list in a quiet room.  See yourself involved with the most difficult part of each thing on your list.  Make the sessions brief and upbeat.  See yourself happily enjoying the fact that you've successfully accomplished each of your goals for tomorrow.

Don't concentrate on fear and dread of what you have to do.  If you do that, your subconscious may figure out ways to make you forget or otherwise avoid meeting what is sees as painful experiences.

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