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Goal Setting by Tom Hopkins

To accomplish anything in life, it helps if you have some idea of what you want as the results of your actions. That's called setting a goal. The whole purpose of setting goals is to plan your life rather than take life as it comes.

The most important part of goal setting is knowing what it is that you want. Once you decide what that is, write it down! After you have written your goals down, keep them somewhere where you can see them daily. As you achieve each one, add another.

Begin by setting 20-year goals. List the personal achievements you want to accomplish. Who and what do you want to be in 20 years? What do you want to own? Where, and in what kind of housing do you want to live? What are the status symbols you dream of? What do you want for your family? If you don't know what you want, how can you expect to get it?

Take a hard look at the future and at yourself. Say, "That's the person I want to be in 20 years and I'm willing and eager to pay the price to become that person."

Once you have your 20-year goals sketched out, cut them in half and there are your ten-year goals. Halve them again for your five-year goals. Do it one more time for your 30-month goals. Then, set up goals for the next 12 months. Work on this one carefully. Next, break the list down into months, weeks, and finally, goals for the coming week and tomorrow. What you do today can have a powerful impact on all your tomorrows!

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