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Go for the Mindshift! by Jerry "Drhino" Clark

I just got off the phone with a good friend named Nate Brooks who shared an experience he recently had that I want to pass on to you.  He's going through a training course.  In this course, he was given an assignment to get and read a book called "Knock Your Socks Off Service."  He went to the bookstore, picked up the book, glanced through it, and immediately came to the conclusion that the book would be of no value.  Nevertheless, he had committed to doing the assignment so he got the book and read it anyway.  When he finished the book, he was blown away with the incredible insights he gained from it.  After reading the book, he gained several ideas that he will use to take his already Multiple Six Figure annual income to the next level.

However, the main point he shared with me had nothing to do with the book itself.  It had to do with his immediate pre-judgment of the book.  If it wasn't for his commitment to complete the assignment, he would have never given the book a chance.  He wondered in how many areas of his life is he not giving things a chance and automatically pre-judging them as worthless.  He said from now on he will look at things from the possibility that may be there.  This impacted me because I realized that I do the same thing in many areas of my life.  How about you?  OK, here's what I'm going to do...I challenge you to do the same:  For the next week, take a second look at things you may initially not pay any attention to.  Ask yourself, "What is the possibility here?"  Also ask,  "How can the people around me and myself possibly benefit from this?"  By shifting your mindset with things you may otherwise ignore, you may discover nuggets of gold where you once would have only discovered the nuggets you find in the cat litter.  Go for it!

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Go, Go, Go

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