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Abandonment Is Tremendous by Charlie "T" Jones

There just isn't time to do all you want to do and all that you need do. It is easy for us to teach abandonment to others, but the leader knows the price of abandonment, beginning with his own thought processes. What do you think about? Let's go a step further, what do you talk about? Someone once said that little people talk about things, medium sized people talk about people, and big people talk about ideas. Which kind of people do you like to be around? How are your reading habits; how many books have your read this year, how many are you reading now, how many of the ideas you've received from the books have you shared? The power of a single book at the right time in a life is unlimited.  The leader leads the way, showing that leaders are readers. You should not only keep a flow of books for yourself, but give them away.  Paperbacks are inexpensive and popular. I share a book list that points out the books that have been the most influential of my life. The leader is constantly learning to abandon the things that come naturally, like DISCOURAGEMENT.  Discouragement is, without a doubt, the most expensive luxury we can afford. When I become wealthy, I plan to get discouraged for a week at a time, but I can't afford but a few minutes a day right now. Most people I know must really be wealthy now, for all the discouragement they seem to be enjoying. Sometimes I'm asked if I ever get discouraged, and I reply, "yes, often." But I never let anyone know about it, because if I allow you to know how discouraged I am, you'll become discouraged, you'll discourage me more than I am, and I can't hardly stand how much I have now.


Charles "T" Jones

Charlie 'Tremendous' Jones is the author of the best-selling book "Life is Tremendous" and four separate editions of "The Books You Read". To purchase these books and receive 20% off or to receive more information on Mr. Jones go to

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