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Why I Will Never Forget Mr. "M" by Steve Kendall

Not long ago I attended a business luncheon. The meeting itself wasn't worth recounting here, but I saw something happen at the meeting I feel compelled to share.

The man I am referring to (I'll call him Mr. "M") sat a few seats away from me during the meeting. As the featured luncheon speaker shared his ideas, I noticed Mr. "M" playing footsies and openly flirting with the woman sitting across from him at the table. I chuckled at first, but then I realized something unsettling. Although I don't know Mr. "M" very well, I've been told he has been married for about 30 years. I noticed him blowing kisses her way. This was becoming very distracting to me. I thought "I wonder what his wife would think if she saw this behavior?"

When the meeting concluded the two left, giggling and talking as they walked out the door. They were acting like a couple of teenagers caught up in the spring fever. Disturbed by this bold behavior, I turned to my friend and said, "I thought he was married." My friend nodded. "Why is he carrying on with that woman, right in front of everyone?" I had to ask. My friend's answer caught me by surprise; "That is his wife." I was stunned and didn't know what to say.

After thinking about it, I know what to say now. Thankfully most couples don't act this way. Can you imagine what this type of behavior would do to our economy? It would put every marriage counselor out of business; battered wives' shelters would have to close their doors; divorce attorneys would have to find something else to do. Instead of watching television, couples would prefer to work on their own vision. I can see the headlines now: "Economy in a Tailspin; Couples Having Too Much Fun."

I have no idea what the featured speaker had to say that day. I do know I will never forget Mr. "M."

This article was submitted by Steve Kendall.

Provided courtesy of  Jim Rohn International

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