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Endless Prospects: Who Do I Talk to Next Now That My Original List of Names Is Running Out? by Bob Burg

Okay.  You've established a nice beginning relationship with your prospect.  Maybe you even met several people whom you feel you'd like to work with and present them with the opportunity to do so.  So now what?  Here is one effective option.

Send a thank you note to every new prospect you meet with whom you wish to take to the next step.   Handwrite this on an 8-1/2 x 3-1/2 (fits nicely inside a #10 envelope) note card.  This note card has some brief contact information as well as a small, professional picture of yourself. It is NOT a direct response piece, but simply a thank you note. The note, written in blue ink, typically reads: "Hi Mary, it was a pleasure meeting you.  If I can ever refer business your way, I certainly will."  Then sign your name.  At this point, please don't include your business card or make any reference to what you do.

You might ask, "Well, why do I need to include my picture; won't my prospect remember me?"  Maybe...and maybe not.  Remember the saying, "Out of sight, out of mind"?  Let's face it; regardless of how quickly you elicited their good feelings toward you, the minute the conversation is over, they leave to their own challenges, meet other people, handle different situations, etc.  You want to give them every opportunity to remember you as the person they met who made them feel good (remember, "feel-good" questions) about themselves.  And the fact is, as human beings, we think in pictures (if you doubt that, just try not picturing a purple elephant right now!  See?).  As such, a small, classy, professional picture will go a long way towards this person feeling very comfortable with you when you decide to approach them to see the business when you choose to.

From this point on, you can keep yourself on his or her mind by sending notes of any relevant interest (regarding his or her hobbies, sports, charitable causes, etc.) or hopefully even referring business, introducing that person to someone who can help her in her business.

When you are ready to invite your prospect to see your business plan, he or she will remember you, and with good feelings.

Now it's time for the call.  What do you say?  Remember, there is no pressure.  You are now consistently meeting and building relationships with so many quality people, that if this person isn't interested, so what?  Say your favorite four-letter word (N-E-X-T) and move on to the next prospect.

As your list grows bigger and bigger, and you know that the success of your business is not dependent upon any one person being interested, you develop a much better emotional "posture."  I describe posture as: "when you care...but not that much."  And what's interesting is that when the prospect realizes that you don't really care all that much, suddenly he or she is much more interested.  And again, if they aren't, fine.

What do you say when making the invite?  How about something very simple such as, "Hi Jane, this is Tom.  I'm expanding a business project in this area with some very successful people, and I'm looking for some...(appear to be searching for just that right word) already very successful, business-minded people who are open to making more money or diversifying their income.  Would that include you?"

Note:  Use different words for different prospects.  If you are speaking with someone you perceive is already financially well-off, you probably won't want to use the words "make more money."  Instead, maybe focus on "creating more time in their life."  Always seek counsel from your upline for answers to specific questions.

When they ask, "What is it?" you need to have an answer, without trying to explain the business over the phone.  If you present this business over the phone, you will give them just enough information to make a major decision in their life based on very limited information.  And that decision will most likely be "no." At the same time, if you refuse to offer any response, they may become suspicious (who could blame them?) and not agree to meet with you.   Again, seek advice from your upline regarding a response that fits your particular opportunity.

As your list gets bigger, you'll want to take less time and go through less steps (meeting, thank you notes, notes of interest, etc.) from when you initially meet your prospects to when you invite them to look at your business.  The more steps you take to get to that point, the better the odds are that they'll agree to meet with you, but the bigger your list is, the more "no's" you can afford to get without causing any internal panic, so the choice is yours.

Bob Burg is author of "Winning Without Intimidation" and "Endless Referrals." To receive 20% off on Bob's products visit or call 877-929-0439.

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