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Are You a Member of the Walking Dead? by Doug Firebaugh

The Single biggest Mistake people Make Today with their Lives is they Quit Growing on the Inside. 

It seems that the Child-Like Curiosity that you used to have about things left years ago, and now it is just a life on Auto Pilot headed for the Airport of Total Mediocrity and Landing Strip of Ruttsville. 

Ben Franklin said, "Most People die at the age of 25, but the trouble is, they are not buried till 65!" 

Here is a Brutal Question......Are you a Member of the "Walking Dead?"

Dead to the Growth Opportunities that show up in your life? 

Dead to the Greatness Inside of You? 

Dead to the Dreams of yesterday, and of The future? 

Dead to the Incredible resources to Learn that are out there? 

Dead to the Hope and Possibilities that still exist in your Life?

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

You need to make a Life Changing Decision.. 

Regroup, Re-Fire, and Re-Ignite the greatness inside of you, no matter the age! 

When you are "Growth-Dead" have... 

Decided <to> Engage Apathy Daily! (DEAD) 

Don't be apathetic...there is a reason why the last word in apathetic is..... 


Don't be a Card carrying member of the "Walking Dead"....Grow to the Greatness Your Creator Put inside of YOU!!!!!!! Read, Listen, Study, and Grow......and your future will Ignite with Possibilities you have not seen in years... 

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