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Be a Warrior!!! by Jeffrey J. Mayer

A warrior is a person who looks at everything as a challenge. An ordinary man ? or woman ? looks at everything as either a blessing or a curse. (Or maybe they see themselves as victims.)

Pick up a newspaper. Listen to the radio. Watch the TV. 

Another company is announcing a round of layoffs. They're saying that business is bad so they're closing some plants. They're saying that business is bad, so they've got to cut expenses.

We need a different attitude. One that states: 

   *  I'm going to find new customers!
   *  I'm going to find more people to buy my products!
   *  I'm going to close more sales!
   *  I'm going to make more money!
   *  I'm going to be successful!


There was a sign on a company's wall during the Depression that read:

      Rumor has it that there's a Depression going on. 
      But we've decided not to participate.

If you think business is bad, it becomes self?fulfilling prophecy. 

      It's demoralizing. 
      It's depressing. 
      It's paralyzing.

When you're hungry you find prospects. When you're looking for business, you close sales.

And because your competitors are demoralized, depressed and paralyzed ? they're laying on their backs waiting to be put out of their misery ? it's yours for the taking. 

Here are three things I want you to do:

1. Double Your Telephone Activity. 
Spend twice the amount of time you usually spend on the phone. At least 1 hour each day.

2. Give Your Prospects a Reason to Meet with You. 
Think of at least 3 reasons why everybody you call should meet with you. 

What can you do to help them save time? Cut costs? Increase sales? Become more profitable?

3. Call New People.
Pick up the phone and call at least 10 new people each day that you've never contacted before. I don't mean people who have been in your database that you've never sold, but people who you've never spoken to before.

Yes, calling new people is scary, but get out of your comfort zone. Push and challenge yourself. 


This article was submitted by Jeffrey Mayer.

Provided courtesy of  Jim Rohn International

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