Messages from the Masters
What Makes People Tick? by Paul J. Meyer

First of all, I am not a psychologist.  HOWEVER, I am something BETTER... 

I have over 50 years experience from: 

  •  Watching, 
  •  Asking questions, 
  •  Taking risks, 
  •  Facing obstacles...
  •  Plus the most important thing: 
  •  Praying and asking God for WISDOM & UNDERSTANDING!!
From this lifetime accumulation, I have learned the following to be ABSOLUTES concerning people:

1. People act in their own self-interests!  I have never perceived this as bad. I believe we are inherently made that way.

2. There are only TWO REASONS that ninety-nine percent of the time anyone does anything: 1) Either to gain a benefit, or 2) To avoid a loss.

3. There is no Santa Claus! (He ain't comin'!) And yet, it's sad to say, so many people are sitting around in their offices procrastinating, making excuses, thinking that something magical is going to appear.

4. There ain't no free lunch! Too many young people have developed a "lottery mentality"...If they could just hit the BIG one! The truth is, we are only going to get what we go after...inch by inch...step by by day. 

5. Everybody has a hot button! The only way we, as sales people, know where it is and what it is, is to ask questions, listen, and be empathetic, seeing things from their point of view. What is your hot button?

6. People respond to those who have "SERVICE ATTITUDES." All sales people should possess a service awareness, a service consciousness, a servant's heart...conveying a subliminal message that says, "Your needs and wants are my purpose of calling you and making this presentation."

 Abraham Lincoln said: 

 "If you want to win a man to your cause, you must
 first convince him that you are his true friend."

7. You must be sensitive and empathetic. Empathy is the imaginative projection of yourself in the other person's shoes.

People respond to those who have loving attitudes.  This means thinking more highly of others than yourself...putting other people first.


If you can master the above, and go out of your way to articulate and communicate it, with a golden-rule philosophy...doing unto others as you would have them do to you...then I promise you that the world will become your cornucopia and you will set records you didn't try to set!  You will achieve goals beyond your wildest expectations, and the LAW OF COMPENSATION will pass your office when you least expect it!

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