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Missed Opportunities? by Josh Hinds

Missed Opportunities aren't all bad - If you're like most people you've had your share of missed opportunities. You know the things you'd like to have seen happen that for whatever reason just didn't quite pan out.  I know I sure have had my share. When was the last time that you looked at this in a positive light though?

Believe it or not all missed opportunities really aren't all bad. I am not sure if you've ever heard of the song by Garth Brooks or not called "Unanswered Prayers", but if you haven't I strongly suggest listening to it.  It does such a fantastic job of explaining what I am going to discuss.

We would all agree that it could be really easy to harp on the things we did wrong and say, "If I'd only done this or that things might have been different." When in reality it is the knowledge that we gained in the process that often leads towards the achievement of our new goals.  Obviously we have to make sure we don't give up!

Make persistence meet your intended goal (and keep in mind that failures always reveal insights to us) and you'll be well on your way to finding more success in your efforts!

Your friend in cyberspace, 
Josh Hinds

This article was submitted by Josh Hinds.  Josh is the host of, One Of The Largest Motivational Community Sites On The Web! With 13,000 Searchable Quotes, Encouraging Stories and Message Boards.

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