Messages from the Masters
What If... by Jerry Clark

What if we are not Joyful today because we were not Thankful yesterday? And what if we are Blessed tomorrow because we are Grateful today?

What if we are not Inspired and Motivated today because we were not Committed and Disciplined yesterday?  And what if we are Inspired and Motivated tomorrow because we are Committed and Disciplined today?

What if we were never able to see a Rainbow because we were too busy complaining about the Rain? And what if today we couldn't experience the warmth of the Sun because we focused on the coldness of the Shadow?

What if there were no more books tomorrow because we didn't take the time to read today? And What if there were no life changing tapes today because we didn't take the time to record our experiences yesterday?

What if our Prayers were not answered tomorrow because we didn't listen to our heart today? And what if we did not follow our true "calling" today because we did not "hear" the phone ring yesterday?

What if life does not give you what you want today because you didn't ask for it yesterday? And What if life will give you anything you want tomorrow if you would simply ask for it today?

What if you have GOTTEN today 10 times what you GAVE yesterday? And What if you GET tomorrow 10 times what you GIVE today?

What if you are not getting the Message today because you didn't listen to the Messenger yesterday? And What if you don't get the Message tomorrow because you didn't listen to the Messenger today?

What if your life today is a reflection of your Thoughts yesterday? And what if your Thoughts today are a reflection of your Life tomorrow?

Things that make you say hummmmm…

Until next time

Go, Go, Go

Jerry Clark

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