Messages from the Masters
Action Leads to Success by Mark Victor Hansen

Visualization is the most important foundation of success. You first have to figure out what it is that you truly want – love, respect, wealth, etc. 

Second, you have to believe that these things are already yours. See yourself as having that loving relationship. Visualize yourself being respected and admired by your peers. Know that you are bringing home a million dollars a year. 

Third, you must create a plan to bring these things into your life – one action step at a time.  

Wanting, desiring, wishing – these are all important parts of achieving your dreams. But participating in the realization of your dreams by taking action says, "Hey, I believe that I want is possible – so now I'm moving forward to get it!"  You are showing that you have decided what you want and deserve, and that you have identified the action steps necessary in attaining your dreams and desires. 

In the beginning, taking action may seem a little scary. You'll probably feel butterflies in your stomach when you take that first step. You may even think the fear will stop you, at some point. But think of how you would feel if you never tried. If that doesn't convince you, close your eyes and imagine the overwhelming joy of seeing your dreams realized! There you are – in your new home, or your fulfilling relationship, or getting that promotion! 

Don't be surprised when fear shows up before you take action. Greet it with a smile and say, "Hello, I figured you'd probably be showing up." Then turn your back to it and take that step anyway. You will be rewarded for your decisive action. 

"Action eradicates fear. No matter what you fear, positive, self-affirming action can diminish or completely cancel that which you are fearful of." 

Mark Victor Hansen   

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