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Are We Really Listening? by Josh Hinds

Are we really listening?

The next time your in conversation with someone think about this question for a second. Many times we're simply thinking of what we're going to say next, rather than actually listening to the person with a clear mind. If you're guilty (as I sometimes am) of this at times, there's some really bad news. The other person knows this as well. It's written all over our face.

It's in the very words that we use to follow up with in our discussion with that person. The good news is that by making ourselves aware of the fact that we're not truly listening we can begin at that very moment correcting the problem.

Work on making yourself aware of the importance of listening and you'll reap many rewards. It's one of life's most wonderful facts that people are drawn to those who are good listeners. Upon reading the biographies of many leaders one thing is clear. Each in their own way are magnificent listeners... 

Your friend in cyberspace, Josh Hinds

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