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Fear - From Enemy to Ally by Omar Peiru

At the age of seven, escaping communist Cuba with my parents created in me an incredible ability to use my fear, changing it from enemy to ally.  My mother and father were determined to give me every opportunity to follow my dreams in America, even when it meant sacrificing everything to gain our freedom - and it did!  If they could give so much, how could I let a little thing like fear stand in the way of my success? I began a journey as that small child - a journey of "becoming" that bridged countries, cultures and customs.  A journey dedicated to becoming the best!

It wasn't easy - this "becoming." I wasn't like the other lads. Not only did I look different and speak a different language, but I was also smaller, shyer and alone.  For months, my only companion was the monkey on my back - fear! I couldn't ignore it and I didn't know how to overcome it, so I chose to learn from it.  When my schoolmates picked on me because of my size, I built my body up and became one of the strongest, fastest, most agile athletes in my school, setting records that still stand today. When I was teased because of my speech, I learned to speak clearly and with such control that later in life that discipline helped me to become an award-winning recording artist and an international speaker.

When I stood by my father's hospital bed as he fought for his life after suffering a severe heart attack, losing his properties and business, I once again listened to my fear and allowed it to strengthen me instead of overwhelm me.  At just 17 years old, I knew I never wanted my family to experience that kind of loss again. Using my fear, making it my ally, I had within me the power to help myself and others reach and maintain success.

That's what moved me to become a motivational teacher.  In an attempt to encourage me, others had told me to refuse to acknowledge my fears, or to overcome my fears, but nobody had taught me how to use them to bring about positive changes in my life. Now that I knew the power of harnessing the fear and working with it instead of fighting against it, I gave it voice and used it to fuel my passion to succeed.

What does your fear say to you? Does fear tell you that you are inferior? Start your own journey to superiority!  Does fear tell you, you can't?  Prove to fear you can by following your dreams, setting and accomplishing positive goals. Does fear whisper convenient excuses of why you haven't achieved that which you wish?  Make a liar out of fear; instead of listening to the excuses for your professional and personal setbacks, commit yourself to travel your own road to excellence!

Here are three easy steps to harnessing and using the power of fear to make it your ally instead of your enemy!  When fear would hold you back...

1. Perceive yourself as one who has already achieved greatness!

2. Believe you can achieve your dreams and pursue them relentlessly!

3. Receive all the blessings life offers and celebrate your successes!

We have all been given fearfulness! I, for one, feel it was provided as a tool to cause us to act instead of hide - to believe in our abilities to achieve instead of being paralyzed by mistaken beliefs.  We have a choice of how we're going to journey to our final destination, and our happiness and fulfillment is created in who, not what, we become during our travels. With fear as your ally instead of your enemy, your perception will be one of lifelong learning rather than lifelong yearning.  Remember: you have the ability, so never give up on your dreams - no matter what!

Omar Periu and his family fled Castro's regime when he was only seven years old.  Thus began Omar's journey of success in the land of freedom and opportunity. He went on to achieve many entrepreneurial successes in the United States.  For more information about Omar, go to

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