Messages from the Masters
Leadership - Five Steps to Productive Delegating by Sheila Murray Bethel

As a leader, you just can't do it all. To be really effective, be willing and able to delegate the projects and details that others can learn to do.

1. Clearly define the task. Describe the results, not the process.

2. Give enough authority to accomplish the task. If you're hesitant, assign the job in stages, then observes progress.

3. Monitor the tasks, but don't hover. Give people room to operate and the freedom to use their skills.

4. Give feedback along the way. Ask how things are going, then give people the chance to express themselves. When they feel their opinions counts, it is a lot easier to make "course adjustments."

5. Reward and recognize effort as well as results. Your slow starters need as much or more encouragement as your high achievers. Keep them all motivated with judicious praise.

Through skillful delegation, you expand your effectiveness and increase your support base of loyal followers.

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