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Mistakes - Important Teacher by Josh Hinds

Mistakes are important teachers - All around us life is offering opportunity after opportunity. The problem is that in many cases these little jewels are hidden. In order for us to be aware of them we have to be willing to look for them in many cases. So then the question is how do we do this?

One of the easiest approaches is to ask people. I am often asking just about everyone I come into contact with "what it is that they do." I listen intently and upon doing so you'd be surprised how many of life's opportunities come my way. You see, even if I don't play a direct part in their venture I am at least taking an active role in their encouragement.

Another approach is to remind yourself that our failures are not always failures, rather they are lessons. I would challenge you to find one occurrence in your own life where you have not learned from a past mistake?  While it can be true that we don't gain direct rewards from them we still gain something of great importance. Therefore we need to explore our failures and take the time to use them as our teachers...

Your friend in cyberspace, 
Josh Hinds

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