Messages from the Masters
I Love to Sell by Paul J. Meyer a poet loves to write. a singer loves to sing. a runner loves to run. an artist loves to paint. 
    .like a dancer loves to dance!

I am PASSIONATE about selling!

There have been a lot of highs in my lifetime...euphoric, mountaintop experiences...and of all of them, selling would have to be right near the top!

I love to talk with people! 
I love to interface with people! 
I love to exchange with people!

I love making new friends!...I just love people!!...People are simply GREAT!

I love the transaction in a sale...the agitation becomes my motivation! Some of the abrasiveness revitalizes me. "Knowing the truth" builds my adrenalin, stiffens my backbone, provides intestinal fortitude, because...


Forget the compensation! 
Forget the accolades & awards! 
The personal growth you achieve is worth more than all of it!

The one thing that builds real sales people...real "selling experience."

Prospective customers aren't just sitting around waiting for us.  Frankly, the customers can get along adequately without us. They have done just fine without us in the past.  Our prospects are already busy. They have their day scheduled with 40 other attractions vying for the few hours available.

So we must know more than just the sales presentation.
We must know how to listen.
We must make our questions sound like statements that will get the prospect talking.
We need to get inside their guts and know their business, their attitudes, their way of thinking, so the benefits we present will fit their needs.

Real professionals...real sales persons know how to close and how to be...


We need to enter each negotiation, each sales presentation, with a servant's heart, and a giving attitude, and from this will spawn on-the-spot inspiration with intensity and showmanship - without being an entertainer.

When you enter selling...
 as an occupation,
  as a profession,
   as a life's vocation...
you are also able to do so without giving mental recognition to the possibility of defeat, but you can take rejection again and again and again. And because you are focused you maintain your courage and your enthusiasm!

A professional can not only take "no" one time, but ten times...and a thousand times...and never let it show! And more than that, he will never let it upset him or discourage him.

I have learned how to accept rebuffs, turn-downs...some polite and some impolite...not just the first month, or the first year, but all of my life as a professional sales person.

What is the end result?

Your results... 
 and your income...
will rise above the level of mediocrity and you will be around next year and the next year and the next...because you have that special: 
  "gutty stick-tu-it-ive-ness."

What the world needs fact is clamoring for...are more real sales professionals who LOVE TO SELL!

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