Messages from the Masters
In the Meanwhile by Zig Ziglar

The late William Arthur Ward was one of my favorite writers. His insights and ability to put a philosophy of life into a few words were truly remarkable. Here is a sample from his book, "Reward Yourself":

A man phoned his physician and excitedly exclaimed: "Please come at once, Doctor. My son has swallowed my fountain pen."

The doctor replied, "I'll be right over. But what are your doing in the meanwhile?"

"Using a pencil," answered the father.

What we do "in the meanwhile" is of vital importance to our lives - and to the lives of others.  What we do "in the meanwhile" can build our character or destroy it. It can make our fortune or mar it. What we do "in the meanwhile"...presents a philosophy of life. Adopt it for your own, and you truly will reward yourself.

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