Messages from the Masters
Freedom from Tolerations by Brad Yates

Some time ago, there was a foreman with a crew of one hundred master builders.  These guys were good - really good. They could take any blueprint and turn it into a masterpiece.  At least, that's what they were capable of...

You see the foreman could only really get about five of them to do what he wanted them to do at any given time.  The rest might get involved, but often they would get caught up in any number of distractions.  One might be busy thinking about a card he had been meaning to send to a friend in the hospital. Another would be concerned about a conversation he knew he needed to have with his wife, while a third kept thinking about a sock left on the floor of his home that should be picked up.  Some would be immobilized by various negative emotions as a result of unresolved issues, and others still just kept being pulled away by an urge to eat, or play, or any number of other cravings for instant gratification (or, sometimes, addictions).  Any of these distractions could have been dealt with, leaving the craftsmen free to achieve greatness.  But rather than taking action, they simply tolerated these conditions. This, of course, limited their effectiveness - and that of the crew as a whole.  

People knew what these builders were capable of, but very often their work fell short of their promise.  Eventually, the company's business dwindled dramatically, as the crew was performing just enough to keep them from going under completely.  Shame, really.  They really sold themselves short, as well as all those who could have benefited from their potential achievements. Just think what they could have done with a larger percentage of the crew on the job more often...

As you may have guessed, you are the foreman, with this amazing crew potentially at your service.  The five or so workers at your command represent the 5% of your mind that is under your conscious control. The rest is what we call the subconscious.  It is (and you are) extremely powerful - far more than you can know - but it can be handicapped by tolerations. For example, is there a dirty sock on your floor that every time you pass by it you think, "Hmm...I should pick that up?" You've just left part of your crew there with that sock - part of your mind will continue to think about it. If it isn't something you can take care of at the moment, make a note of it, so that another part of your mind isn't then delegated to trying to remember to do this task (imagine a number of the builders all limited in their ability to work because they are busy reminding each other to remind each other to do something...).  Are you allowing harmful reactions to stress (and other bad habits) eat away at your health? How many of your crew are out on worker's comp with stress-related illnesses?  How many are fatigued by a lack of a proper diet and exercise? How many are not working due to factors that are within your control to change...?   Think for a moment of what you really want to be, do and have.  Then acknowledge the possibility that you have within you the capacity to achieve all that... and more!  What could you accomplish without all those tolerations?  What successes are you denying yourself... and the world at large?  Stop tolerating those factors that hamper your potential – that distract your work crew - and give yourself the freedom to succeed! 

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Provided courtesy of  Jim Rohn International