Messages from the Masters
Overcoming Hardships and Difficult Circumstances by Doug Firebaugh

"A person dies daily, only to be reborn in the morning, bigger, better, wiser."   -- Emmet Fox
The list of pain in life goes on and on and on.

But there is Good News!!

At times during your day you will feel a little piece of you inside almost "dying" from someone's words, anger, criticism, and the like.

But -

A seed has to die in order to create the growth.  A seed has to die to create the catalyst for the new growth to shoot forth.

Life is like that too - it teaches you lessons about growth from the seeds it plants in you daily.

And with the Morning coming, you will know that it is a brand new day and that yesterday has planted its seeds, and now you wait for the growth that will take place to propel you to greater heights.

Life hurts at times.  We know that.  But when a little piece of you inside feels like it could die due to pain from other folks - Let it.  The growth of a better and wiser person will shoot up from that seed of hurt someone planted yesterday.

It may not sprout overnight, but it WILL grow.

And you WILL get through what you are currently facing, whatever seed that is and no matter how strong.

I promise.  Been there.  Done that.  Got the T-shirt. I'm still here.

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