Messages from the Masters
The Exciting Thrill of Work by Paul Meyer

Work is PURE JOY!

Work polishes silver and refines character.
Work rows "Life's Boat" upstream. 
Work weeds the garden and the mind, 
Work lifts weights and spirits, 
Work overcomes adversity and defeat, 
Work is an exciting thrill! 
Work is the action in motivation. 
Work is the breath of life.
Work is the reward for being alive. 
Work mines coal from the earth and uncovers diamonds!
Work moves the wings that put the eagles high in the air.
Work brings reality to the dreams of inventors.
Work - intelligent work - has made America the most prosperous nation in the world. 
Work, when applied toward a meaningful goal, develops human potential.

It is work that has:

Bridged the chasms...
Tunneled the mountains...
Placed the giant communication cables on the bottom of the sea...
Built highways over plains and deserts...
Lifted space ships to the moon...
Built our factories...
Erected our schools and hospitals, and...
Made the scientific discoveries that have made our lives easier and happier.

Work is a way of putting your stamp on what you do - it is your personality - your own uniqueness.

The inspiration created by your work breathes your spirit into each hour of the day.

Only through your work can you contribute to human progress.

James W. Elliott said, "Work is life, and good work is good life."

Work is love in action. Work, supported by a healthy self-image and a positive mental attitude, multiplies all future achievement.

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